Mia Fratino Cashmere Jacket



Mia Fratino: Esperanto for ‘My Sister’

The team at MIA FRATINO work with a non-profit organisation called the Mia Fratino Foundation. This Foundation works to re-skill and support impoverished women in Sri Lanka to better their living conditions. Hence the origins of the brand name. 

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We celebrate beauty throughout every step of the making process and produce a final product that is of exceptional luxury. The collection incorporates noble fibres, bring sophistication and elegance into timeless and classic knitwear, designed for real women of today.  

" Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."’  Leonardo da Vinci

Mia Fratino Cashmere Jacket


Australian based company, driven by director Tim Fitzpatrick and designer Amy Jones. Both co-founders come from long lines of family business in the textile industry with knitwear as their passion. We pride ourselves on providing unfaltering attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality.

Tim Fitzpatrick, also CEO of Elegant Knitting production house based in Sydney, has been manufacturing for over 40 years and is the production home to brands such as Cable Melbourne, Rag and Bone, Monsoon, Sea Salt, Cue, Coogo, Charles Voegel. With quality regime standards second to none. Amy comes from a third generation history of knitting and design manufacturing in Melbourne. Most recently driving the design and brand management of Melbourne knitwear brand MerinoSnug.

MIA FRATINO's production is manufactured 100% within our independently owned factory, allowing complete vigilance and control over a 100% ethically sourced and manufactured process.