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Pre-Order Studio


Pre-Order Studio

Atelier (noun: a-telli-eh) studio, salon, workshop, bottega 
Access new styles fresh out of our design studio.
Receive 20% off regular price (only while design are on pre-order).
Each Pre-Order item is offered for 16 days only.
After the Pre-Order period, items will return to full price.   






    We are opening our in-house design studio up to our customers, to allow you a chance to be involved at the earliest design stage of MIA FRATINO and access designs fresh off the design tables. 


    Each month we release a set of new limited production creations from our Atelier, and then offer you a chance to pre-order any of these designs. In keeping with our 'Slow Fashion' brand ethos, only garments that have sustainable desire from our customers are manufactured, thereby eliminating wasteful unwanted garments.
    The pre-order process will last for 16 days during which you can place an order for your favourite design at an exclusive 20% discount. This special price is only available during the pre-order period.
    On the MIA FRATINO Pre-Order Studio page, you can follow the level of interest for each design and how much time is remaining before the pre-order cut-off time.
    If there is sustainable desire for a design or the subscription goal has been met, we proceed immediately into production.

    What are the benefits for me?

    The Pre-Order Studio is our way of bringing real meaning to our Slow Fashion philosophy. You get to be involved in the design stage, and seeing how your decisions have an actual bearing on the whether the product even proceeds. In addition, you get an incredible pre-order price and your guaranteed size and style. 

    HOW LONG can I wait to make a decision?

    Our Pre-Order Studio Collection is only open for 16 days.  No further Pre-Order purchases will be accepted after this.

    HOW LONG will it take to deliver?

    Each MIA FRATINO Pre-Order design has an estimated delivery period. You should expect it to take no more than 3 weeks from close of pre-order. If there are any changes to the expected delivery, we will be in contact with you ASAP.

    WHEN AM I ACTUALLY charged?

    When you participate in the pre-order service, you will be charged the special 20% discounted price at the time of check out. 

    WHAT HAPPENS IF A design is not fully subscribed?

    Collections always seem to meet their sustainability goal. However if by chance the design does not proceed, we will contact you about other options or a full refund.

    Can I just wait for the design to come to retail?  

    Yes indeed, but the special pre-order discount will not be available, and there is no guarantee that stock will be available in your size or colour.  If the design is fully subscribed, then there may not be any extra stock available for normal retail.