The Mia Foundation was established to take real and sustainable action to help women take control of their lives in war torn Sri Lanka where women are exposed to crippling poverty and exploitation. 
In today’s global economy, this Sri Lankan woman is not just a statistic, she is our sister and she needs us more than ever.
She suffers terribly due to a lack of education and lack of opportunity.  This condemns her to low paying job exploitation or scratching out a wretched living from infertile land.
 The Foundation helps small groups set up micro businesses that gives them an income and creates a real future. The business might be a milking cow or a sewing machine, but for the first time, our sisters can take control away from the money lenders and those who want to exploit them.
Your purchase of a beautiful Mia Fratino item is helping the Foundation achieve its 10,000,000 Rupee target. The small MF button on every item is a small reminder that you are making a real difference to a life of a sister… bonfarado [doing good]