Wellness shouldn’t be an effort.  It’s a simple as that.  Anything that adds or requires you to add to your already overfull lifestyle is going to do the opposite of what it preaches.  That is why we have come up with the three tips below that will allow you to add to your daily well-being, without taking up time.  You won’t even notice you’re doing them.  

Have a look at our wellness secrets below and you’ll find you have more time and more energy throughout your day.  

1/ Lemon Water

The concept of drinking lemon water as a health benefit is well known, but what exactly those benefits are can often get mixed up in the buzz.  Let us set you straight, this is the easiest and BEST way to start your morning.  Before your coffee, skip the juice and have a warm or cool glass of water with a healthy splash of fresh squeezed lemon.  Not only does this simple drink detox your body and purify your skin, it also helps start your digestive system giving your body a helping hand before you start eating.  On top of those benefits, lemon water has high levels of vitamin C and is known to boost energy and mood.

2/ Bedtime Reminders

It is so easy to forget to go to bed, and in our hyperconnected 21st century there are more bedtime distractions than we’ve ever had before.  From Netflix to tablets plus our ever-present smartphones, the toxic blue light we’re exposed to is almost inescapable.  It’s not all doom and gloom, there are simple things you can do which will turn around the negative impact and help you to start getting the most out of your sleep.  With programs like F.lux and Apple’s Night Mode, you can replace the blue light emitted from your devices with incandescent lighting.  Pair that with a Bedtime Reminder alarm and you’ll never lose track of your bedtime and maximise your beauty sleep.

3/ Legs on the wall

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but whether you consider yourself a budding yogi or a novice in the mindful art, legs on the wall is a perfect pose to realign your mind and body.  Simply lying down with your legs up against a wall is all it takes.  2 to 5 minutes of that and you are taking some pressure off your heart pumping blood around your body.  It helps drain the lymphatic systems and is an awesome relaxant, relieving tired legs.  It doesn’t matter what level of flexibility you have even a slight inclination can help you reap the rewards of this simple yoga pose.

March 22, 2017 — Aviva Payne
Tags: Wellbeing