Cashmere Repair Services

Repair and restore your cashmere

Please note out repairs service is temporarily unavailable.

Due to unprecedented demand, our cashmere repair service is currently unavailable. We are working to scale this service up to accomodate the demand. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.


No matter how careful you are with your cashmere, sometimes snags and pulls happen and sometimes moths have a way of finding their way into our wardrobes and nibbling our favourite cashmere.  

So we offer a bespoke repair service to help bring your Cashmere back to life in the event of damage.  We accept garments whether they are ours (Mia Fratino) or other brands.  

If you like Cashmere as much as we do, you'll know annoying it is when your favourite piece starts to look a bit shabby. 

Find out how much it will cost to repair your cashmere today



Simple Repair

$20 - $35


Moderate Repair

$35 - $55


Complex Repair



Request a quote for your bespoke repair job


All repairs require a quote prior to sending your garment to us.

Send a detailed picture plus a brief explanation of the damaged garment you would like repairing

Our team of experts will respond to you within 48 hours of receiving your email and advise on a per job quote to fix.Note: our offices hours are 9am -5pm on business days, so allow a little longer if we receive it over the weekend or on a public holiday.)

If the garment is able to be mended. We request for you to send the item to us, we will repair it in 5-7 working days and send the garment back to you fully restored and ready for many more years of wear! 


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