We hope that you are staying safe in these fairly significant times of flux. We are trying our best to stay positive in the Mia Fratino camp.


We are focusing our attention on pushing forward, working within the rapidly changing environment around us. We, like many other small businesses, have a world of new challenges awaiting. We are using this opportunity to strengthen our bonds with our MIA FRATINO retail family and direct customers. Although we cannot be in contact physically, we have been reaching out offering additional support wherever we can.


In the spirit of enhancing human connection, in a period where this is lacking (and we are all feeling it), we felt it might be nice to share a little from behind our home walls (literally!)


Working from home has become a reality for many these last few weeks. We would like to share with you a little insight to the WFH life of our co-founder and designer, Amy Jones. 


How has your daily work life changed #WFH?
I worked from a home studio prior to covid-19, so little has changed here. I work remotely from our Sydney head office so am used to remote access & communication.


How do you stay sane? 
I have adopted a new Zoom yoga & pilates routine pre-work. Where I live down the Mornington Peninsula, I am lucky to have lots of parks and open spaces to take the dog for an afternoon run or walk. I try to keep work tasks in my studio & not all over the house (although not always successful!!)


Have there been any pleasant surprises?
Despite it being a very tricky time, I have been enjoying the increased communication with all our stores and positive warmth in their spirit. It has really moved me to watch everyone band together and support each other, especially within small townships.


What do you wear on a Skype or Zoom call?
Ha, since I started working from home 4 years ago, I make a habit of always getting dressed as if going into an office at 8am. If I dont, I’m useless! So although at home, on a Zoom call, I will always be fairly well clothed - something comfy but presentable.


Do you have any tips for video-conferences?
Yes everyone freaks out about their background and what your room looks like, but many don’t realise that you can erase it in most programmes like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft teams. You can even add a virtual background in Zoom – like the Eiffel tower if you want a bit of a change!


Favourite #WFH meme?
May 12, 2020 — amy jones