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Using the finest pure Mongolian Cashmere, the MIA FRATINO collection celebrates the luxurious benefits of 100% natural fibres, without the dilution of synthetic blends. The ethos behind MIA FRATINO is clean, simple and transparent. In the world of Cashmere, you can’t put a price on quality. 

Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!

Oscar Wilde.

Mia Fratino Cashmere Jumper



We choose only the finest Mongolian Cashmere yarns, spun from the fine fleece of the Cashmere Goat. MIA FRATINO Cashmere is sourced from Inner Mongolia and the northern Silk Road, renowned for the world's highest quality Cashmere.

After selection, the fibres are spun at our highly trusted yarn spinner on the border of China and Mongolia. This family owned company has been spinning yarn since the late 1800's, specialising in Cashmere and other high-end luxury fibres, also supplier to Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel to name a few.

At MIA FRATINO we are extremely proud of the high quality yarn selection and spinning processes. Its unsurpassed lustre and softness makes Cashmere considered 'The fibre of the Gods.’ 

We do not use Cashmere that exceeds 15 microns, 15 millionths of a metre... (in other words, extremely fine!) Our yarns are double twisted, to ensure a consistent fabric quality is achieved and maximise a superior handle. Cheap Cashmere on offer in the market will often offer a single twist, short fibre which results in a much lower quality that can look patchy in thickness. Short fibres and single twist also means that the fibres will be knitted much looser causing the knitwear to pill and lose shape easily. 


Cashmere is extremely lightweight, has superior softness and insulation properties compared to standard wool. Due to the delicate nature of this luxurious fibre, your MIA FRATINO garment should be handled with care both in washing and wearing to ensure many years of pleasure. To find out more, visit out Cashmere Care Clinic




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