Mia Fratino is a company built on the ideals of quality over quantity, forging our way as a force in the ethical fashion movement.  We're passionate about slow fashion and we always strive to deliver the highest quality goods, that will continue to last and offer value with time. 

Started with an open mindset and the intention to have an appreciation for luxury and a respect for where the natural fibre comes from. Our Cashmere comes from 100% pure Mongolian long filament fibre Cashmere, sourced from the silky soft under fleece of happy Kashmir goats.  The farms we get our fibre from are found in Northern Mongolia and the Northern Silk Road. The fleece is taken to our trusted yarn spinner located on the border of China and Mongolia, and who is part of a family who has been spinning Cashmere since the 1800's. Our Cashmere is spun to be no more than 15 microns, that is 15 millionths of a meter or in other words, extremely small.


A quick reality check: Cashmere pills.
No matter where you get it, and which goats grew the silky soft fur, it pills and that is okay because it is not about that fact it pills that makes Mia Fratino different.  It is the way our garments are left, near new, after the de-pilling process.  As our fibres are spun with a double twist it increases strength in the fibre itself making it stronger from the outset and able to thrive over time with proper treatment and care.

We offer a cashmere care clinic to all customers to service your cashmere, regardless of where it came from. That is because the Mia ethic is about longevity and increasing the life of your products to respect the time and care that has gone into
re and ours is the quality of garment that is left after the de-pilling process.

We aim to bring the consumer as close as we can to the manufacturing and design process. Above all of this, we offer a fashion business that helps to fight against women's poverty with a donation from every purchase contributing to the Mia Fratino Foundation.  A not-for-profit enterprise, to which a percentage of every sale goes, to provide micro-loan funding for women starting small businesses in Sri Lanka.

Our Designer Amy Jones works out of her home studio in Victoria, and each piece is designed with comfort and style working together in perfect synergy.

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May 10, 2017 — Aviva Payne