In a move away from ‘Fast Fashion’ trends, MIA FRATINO welcome you to join our Slow Fashion revolution, celebrating timeless elegance. Styles do not adhere to fast fashion trends, rather present timeless pieces designed to last many seasons both in style and exceptional quality. Garments have been carefully designed to flatter a range of ‘real’ women body sizes, offering lengths and shapes that consider the lines and contours of a true female figure.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. Audrey Hepburn


We support a more mindful purchasing process, appreciation of quality and longevity in garments. The MIA FRATINO team passionately supports their zero waste production ethos. We are also 100% devoted to the education of Cashmere garment care, encouraging the long life expectancy of these high quality garments.

Ethical Philosophy


The MIA FRATINO brand carries a strong moral and ethical conscience. The team at MIA FRATINO believe all women should have the opportunity to live free from poverty. We support a non-profit organisation based in Sri Lanka, helping to improve the lives of impoverished women. A contribution from every MIA FRATINO purchase is given to the foundation directly aiding the lives of these women in need.