From Birthdays to Christmas, there is always a reason for wrapping to be done and it certainly isn’t always easy.  Sometimes you look at other people’s gifts and they always have that extra something that just makes them, special.

At Mia Fratino we always take our wrapping seriously, so we took a lot of time trying to perfect the most luxurious way to present our garments, using crisp tissue paper, gorgeous white boxes and big bows.  

It’s not hard to emulate store wrapped perfection if you follow the gift-wrapping secrets below.

1/ Simple is best!

Always choose a simple paper, either a colourful repeat, block colour or a classic floral print.  If you keep the paper simple and cut to the right size, the gift can look beautiful even before it’s had ribbon or a bow.  Crisp edges when folding, even on gifts that are not in boxes can help make a huge difference.

2/ Double fold the edges

When you do the main body wrap before you put the paper down and stick fold the paper in, about 1 centimetre.  This way you are able to line it up and let the pattern blend straight in.  The same is on the edges. After you’ve crisply folded the sides, double fold before you sticky tape so there are no ‘cut edges’.

3/ Box it

Boxes make all the difference.  If you have an awkward shaped gift to wrap or a soft garment, putting it in a simple box can help making your wrapping easier and can also add a professional touch to the presentation of the gift.  Whether you wrap the box in paper or decide to go minimalist and simply wrap some ribbon around the box always remember simple sophistication.

4/ The finishing touches

Think quality.  You can get away with a cheap plain box, but cheap ribbon has nowhere to hide.  Whether you use one big bow or wrap a fine ribbon around multiple times, having quality ribbon takes a simple white wrapped gift to the next level.  As far as ribbon wrapping technique goes, we think there is nothing better than the simplicity of a classic two-way crossed ribbon and a big centre bow.

December 21, 2016 — Aviva Payne
Tags: Gifts