Our commitment

Supporting slow fashion


Made to last

Committed to slow fashion and mindful purchasing. We are here for keeps.


Sustainably sourced

Our commitment to using only biodegradable & environmental friendly fibres.


Ethically produced

Our promise to deliver knits made in our own factory with fair working conditions.


Socially responsible

Delivering cashmere with a conscience. Proudly supporting the Mia Fratino foundation.

Our yarn is

Sustainably sourced

We only use the highest-grade Mongolian cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia. Cashmere fleece is taken from the underbelly, Winter coat of the Cashmere goat, collected during the warmer months when the fleece is naturally shed. All our cashmere goats are reared in happy, healthy and cruelty-free environments.

Happy goats = premium quality, long-filament cashmere.

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Our knits are

Ethically Made

We made it. No one else.

All our garments are made in our own factory with 100% compliance to fair working conditions. Our staff are afforded privileges & entitlements comparable to the conditions of any European or Australian factory.

We are fully certified to global SMETA, GOTS and Oekotex standards and leaders in ethical knitwear manufacturing.

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Our knits are

100% Natural

We care where it comes from & where it ends up.

We use only 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

We do not use any synthetics blends.

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Our Promise

We are not Fast-fashion.

At MIA FRATINO we don’t just pay lip-service to the notion of ethical production, sustainable fibre origins and slow fashion. We live and breath these values. 

It is our promise to deliver honest, sustainably sourced and ethically made knits. 

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