We offer a 100% guaranteed service to help your keep your cashmere beautiful

As Cashmere is a 100% natural fibre it doesn't require washing often. The fibres have self cleaning properties and will only require a wash once or twice a year. We recommend you hand wash your Cashmere and follow the washing instruction on the care label carefully.  Due to the very delicate nature of Cashmere we appreciate that sometimes you may rather leave cleaning and any necessary restoration jobs to someone other than you. Do not dry clean your Cashmere as dry cleaning can be harmful to your garment and reduce its life expectancy. 

Treat yourself and your cashmere

Our team of experts will wash, dry, de-pill, re-shape, gently steam your Cashmere.

Simply send your garment to us and we will give it a thorough Spring Clean Revitalise treatment, then post it back to you as good as new!

We accept all Cashmere garment, whether branded with MIA FRATINO or another brand.  


Revitalising Treatment $39

What's Included:

  • WASH: Pieces are carefully washed using MIA FRATINO CASHMERE CARE shampoo.
  • DRY: Garments are then gently air dried in a flat protected environment where they are free from any dust or external irritants.
  • DE-PILL: Once dried, your garment is given a careful de-pilling treatment to remove any pills (a natural occurrence in even the most expensive Cashmere!) We use our approved MIA FRATINO DE-PILLING COMB and very carefully hold your garment flat so that no damage occurs in this process. Note this will not take away from the softness of your Cashmere, just remove unwanted fuzz and pills.
  • REVITALISING STEAM: Finally you garment is gently steamed to ensure it resumes it's original shape and maximum soften is returned.
  • COMPLIMENTARY MIA FRATINO CASHMERE CARE KIT: We will give you a complimentary bottle of our Australian Made Cashmere Shampoo and MIA FRATINO de pilling comb. 
  • PROTECTIVE STORAGE BAG: We will repack your garment into our MIA FRATINO Storage Bag so that it is returned to you in perfect condition and you have a guaranteed way to store your Cashmere for many more years of wear!