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Committed to delivering 100% natural, biodegradable & environmentally responsible knitwear.


Using only biodegradable & environmentally sustainable fibres.

Over the last 12 months we have travelled the globe in search of natural & ethically sustainable fibres with the intention of changing the way knitwear is consumed globally. Together we can lead the ‘slow fashion’ revolution, working towards more responsible fibre choices across the entire fashion industry.


Sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere.

Our cashmere is sourced ethically from Inner Mongolia, where the world's finest cashmere is produced. All our cashmere goats are reared in happy & healthy environments.

We only use premium grade, long filament cashmere and do not use Cashmere that exceeds 15 microns (in other words, extremely fine!) Our yarns are double twisted, to ensure a consistent quality is achieved. Cashmere fleece is gathered from the fine underbelly fibre grown by the cashmere goat during winter,and then collected in the summer months when the goat naturally sheds its winter coat to stay cool.

Happy healthy goats = premium quality, long-filament cashmere.


Non-mulesed Merino wool.

We choose only the finest natural fibres ensuring maximum softness, handle and resistance to pilling. Striving to introduce new fibres that will challenge the fast fashion market and give our customers greater choice for making mindful purchasing decisions.

MF 2020 launches our latest ethical line of ‘RWS Ethical Merino’ non-mulesed Merino wool collection made 100% from cruelty free non-museled merino.


Sustainable eco-fibre | NZ Possum Down.

Made from the unique combination of ethically sourced Mongolian cashmere, Australian Merino wool, NZ brushtail possum down & Mulberry silk.

The 100% natural blend combines the breathability of merino wool with the hollow structure of possum fibre to produce a lightweight garment of superior warmth, exceptional softness and resistance to pilling (rubbing).

Your purchase of this luxurious yarn helps to restore native vegetation & habitat loss in New Zealand caused by the introduced brushtail possum.


Ultra Soft ‘Artisan spun’ Cashmere / Merino.

Winter 20 launches MIA FRATINO’s new ultra-soft bespoke ‘Artisan Spun’ Cashmere / Merino blend. Made from 82% finest Merino wool and 18% Mongolian Cashmere. This super soft blend is heaven to touch, super warm and feels just like your grandma knitted it.


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