Valentine's Day is around the corner, so whether you are in a relationship, single or married to your work we have some suggestions on how to have

breakfast in bed

1/ Staycation!

There is nothing better than revelling in your own home, or city without anything to do.  Book yourselves a night in a hotel you’ve never stayed and spend the day and evening living like you’ve both never been to your city before.  If hotel living isn’t going to be up your alley, shake things up with an at home staycation.  Pull out the fancy dinner sets, cook up your favourite meals and luxuriate in the comfort of your own homes.  

Extension:  Take the day as a tech-free cleanse.  Turn off the technology and really enjoy each other’s company.

ladies saying cheers

2/ Friendentines Day

There is nothing more rewarding than girls time.  Take this Valentine's day as an opportunity to get the ladies together.  By champagne, strawberries and order takeaway then live it up, pyjama-party style.  With the kids being looked after at home, there’s no better excuse to binge Hugh Grant flicks and indulge in delicious antioxidant rich dark chocolate and red wine.  With life often getting in the way of social time, sometimes setting a day aside to indulge in each other's company can be a great way to relax and recharge.

tea in bed

3/ Solo celebrations

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, sometimes taking a day just for you is the best thing to do.  This Valentine’s day honour all your hard work and choose an activity you like to do.  Whether it is going and seeing a new movie,  having a long hot bath or snuggling up in your warm cashmere to read a good book, taking time out for yourself is always a good use of time.

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February 08, 2017 — Aviva Payne
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