Come behind the scenes and get an insider look at our AW23 showings in the fashion capital of Paris.
After a whirlwind few weeks showing at Revolver in Copenhagen & showings in Munich & Norway with our Creative Director, it was time for the Australian Mia Fratino team to make their way to Paris with a suitcase full of knits.
The 28 hour journey to the French capital was accompanied by a 5 hour stopover, providing the perfect opportunity to get a little shut eye before hitting the ground in Paris.

Wednesday 1st March - Arrival

Landing in Paris in the afternoon meant the team could use the last few hours of twilight to walk around the neighbourhood they would call home for the next 5 days. It was an opportunity to take in the architecture and je ne sais quoi of Paris.

Thursday 2nd March - Set up

Before the boxes were unpacked and the knits strategically hung, the drive to the showroom took place. It was a surreal moment to realise one is being driven up the Champs-Elysee staring at the Arc-de-Triomphe. As the car came to a stop, a building that rivals even the most royal of buildings stood in front of the team.

With the interior of the showroom matching the beauty of the buildings exterior, unpacking of the collection got underway.
Our German sales team arrived to help with setup and the Mia Fratino space was ready for action.

Prior to finishing the first day with a Parisian dinner, the team stepped out onto the balcony and took stock of the fact they were staring at the Eiffel Tower – a testament to the showrooms location of the Golden Triangle.

Friday 3rd March - Showings begin

Showings kicked off without a hitch. CSM (Camera Showroom Milano) showroom was shared with the likes of Urban Code, Ella Sila & Palmer Harding attracting influential buyers, agents & stores worldwide. It certainly helped having the German sales team fluent in Italian, French, English & German.

The end of day one showings brought with it a champagne party at Premiere Classe in the Tuilerries Gardens followed by dinner at the iconic French restaurant, Café Ruc.

Saturday 4th - Monday 6th March - Showings & Champagne

The next few days were filled with showings, congregating with international brands alike & French lunches (mainly baguettes), coffee, multiple champagne party & dinners.

Special mention to the grazing table with champagne on tap, ample dark chocolate and an essential cheese wheel.

Tuesday 7th March - Au Revoir

Pack up came sooner rather than later and the team prepped the cashmere for a trip back to Australia with a head full of ideas and a belly full of pain au chocolats. A successful international trip came to an end as the Mia Fratino team swapped the streets of Paris for the beaches of Australia.

While Australia will always be home, the trip solidified Mia Fratino’s presence within the European market, broadening the possibilities for sustainable and ethical cashmere.

April 10, 2023 — Cat Douglas