About their store and what life in Wagga Wagga is like.

Inspired by their return to regional NSW after living in the city, Belle and Eloise founded Texas Jane in 2018. Now knowing what they were missing out on, they began discussing the desire shared by so many rural women to obtain greater physical access to quality fashion labels and styling services.

In 2019, their vision materialized with the opening of the first Texas Jane store in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Today, they proudly houses over 30 designers, offering a diverse range of fashion for women of all ages.


How do you select the labels that are featured in Texas Jane?

TJ: We currently stock over 30 labels and are still a small business so we are very discerning when choosing new labels to add to our curation. We always look out for any unique selling points a brand might have and how their product might solve a fashion problem that the everyday woman faces.


Do you have any recommendations or hidden gems you would suggest to people visiting Wagga Wagga?

TJ: We are big foodies at TJ and there are so many gems in our Fitzmaurice Street precinct. For a great lunch or coffee, we recommend getting your fix at The Press, Meccanico or Trail St Café. After 5pm, we can’t go past our neighbours Thaigga Thai Restaurant or Pastorale for dinner.

A few of our must dos include visiting the incredible curation of art and other gorgeous items at Paper Pear. Indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment at Circa 1929. Exploring the enchanting St Prin, a dream shop for handmade jewellery enthusiasts. Lastly, don't miss the chance to grab some locally made treats at Knights Deli.

We are so lucky to have a beautiful array of boutiques and businesses in our area, so the list goes on and on!

Meet the TJ Team

Their ultimate goal is to make their customers feel incredible during their store visit, while also empowering them to carry that confidence and empowerment into their personal style and everyday life.


What’s your all-time favourite Mia Fratino piece?

TJ: One of our favourites has to be the Tessa Mock Neck. Not only is this style comfy and warm it brings a little bit of fun and colour to winter dressing which we are all about!


What do you love most about being a boutique owner?

TJ: There’s no greater challenge or privilege than being a small business owner. At first you get a thrill from seeing your vision come to fruition, but you quickly learn that the best part is about what you bring to your community and all the lovely people you meet.

For us, it’s been especially fulfilling to style and build relationships with women of all ages, particularly women who feel they are often over-looked in mainstream fashion. Helping our clients build some confidence through their personal style is really powerful.

Forming our staff is another aspect that we have loved – a great team makes for a great time.


 Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for Texas Jane?

TJ: Covid really made us snap into gear with our online store and socials and we think there is still so much growth for us in this area going forward. So, we hope to expand our online platforms but also keep developing our store experience too.

We are working towards creating both virtual and in-store styling events for the beginning of each season to help our lovely clients find their best silhouettes, colours and perfect their personal style. Overall, we just want to keep building on bringing the best fashion andservice to our area and beyond.

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