At MIA FRATINO, we are known for our cashmere. It's what we do. We live and breathe it. Seriously...

In addition to cashmere, we strive to find new and innovative fibres that are gentle on your skin and gentle on the earth. We have made it our mission to scour the globe for fibre combinations that are 100% natural and sustainable so that you can enjoy the beauty of knitwear without damaging the planet.  One such combination is our bespoke Artisan Spun fibre. This blend incorporates finest Australian merino wool and Mongolian cashmere and is bespoke spun.

In combining both Mongolian cashmere and Merino Wool you are getting the benefits of two fibres in the one super cosy knit. As much as we encourage a wardrobe full of cashmere, we're also totally in support of including different fibre blends into your repertoire...

To fully understand (and appreciate) our Artisan Spun fibre it's best to break down the individual components of what make it one of our favourite combo's.


Where do we start?

If there's one fibre that screams comfort, luxury and warmth it's cashmere. It is one of the finest fibres which is attributed to the extra softness. You can determine the quality of your cashmere garment by how smooth it feels on your skin. While everyone loves a wool sweater for winter, cashmere is actually 8 times warmer than regular wool. So despite it being lighter and softer, you're likely to feel warmer when wearing a cashmere sweater. 

We're also big believers in wearing your cashmere all year round. It's why we introduced our Resort & Spring collections. Cashmere is extraordinarily adaptable so it will keep you cool in summer as much as it will keep you warm in winter. Just don't go wearing a heavy cashmere sweater to the beach... although we won't judge.  

We could talk about cashmere until the cows (or goats) come home... we could even write a book about it. Until then, you can read our guide on why natural fibres are better.




As opposed to traditional sheep's wool which can be found all over the world, Merino wool comes from sheep that are raised predominantly in New Zealand and Australia. Merino wool can be seen as more desirable than regular sheep's wool as the fibre is more refined and softer. It shares similar properties to cashmere as well, with its breathability and moisture wicking properties. 
Wool is traditionally viewed as a 'heavy' fibre, however Merino wool tends to be much lighter making it ideal for winter... and for blending with cashmere. It also holds its shape incredibly well making it ideal to take when you travel to cooler climates. 



Blends allow for the characteristics of two different fibres to be combined, allowing the wearer to experience the advantageous characteristics of both fibres. In most cases, synthetic fibres are combined with natural fibres to reduce cost or to obtain specific textures that cannot be achieved through one fibre alone. At MIA FRATINO we do not use synthetic blends. Any combination of fibres we use are 100% natural and sustainable.

One such combination is our Artisan Spun blend with Australian Merino wool and Mongolian cashmere.

Along with being one of the softest fibre you'll ever touch, this combination evidently has a wealth of desirable properties. The chunky nature of these garments makes you feel like you're wearing a sweater your grandma knitted. The luxurious addition of cashmere ensures it also feels incredibly lightweight while still keeping you warm and cosy. 


If you're after a garment that is chunky & cosy like a wool sweater but with the breathability and softness of cashmere then our Artisan Spun knits speak for themselves. Indulge in the benefits of two fibres, in one garment. 


April 01, 2022 — Cat Douglas