By registering the Mia Fratino Competition you agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions").


A. Overview of the Mia Fratino Competition 


  1. Upon successful registration you will be emailed your FREE $20 GIFT CARD to use immediately.

  2. Gift Cards are valid for 31 days upon receipt. Valid on any purchases online over $150.

  3. Purchases must be made in the name of the registered person who's email the confirmation was issued to.

  4. MIA FRATINO reserve the right to cancel the reward or registration for anyone deemed non compliant with terms.

  5. MIA FRATINO reserve the right to change terms of registration or competition terms without warning. MIA FRATINO will notify the successfully winner by email. Rewards will not be issued to the same person via secondary emails.

  6. By entering the competition, you give permission for Mia Fratino to add your email to their confidential mailing list. You may be sent occasional VIP offers and newsletters - no junk we promise! Your email will not be handed to a third party under any circumstances. 


C. Winner.  

The winner will be invited to select products on the Mia Fratino online store up the to the value of $1000 from either the Mia Fratino Essentials or Travel Essentials This can only be redeemed by the winner and items will standard exchange and return policy. This offer can only be redeemed online through Mia Fratino. 

Reward must be redeemed within 3 months from date of notification and is subject to availability. Even though items may appear online, this doesn't not always mean that it is in stock. 


D. General Terms and Conditions


  1. By enrolling in the programme and as an ongoing condition to Enrollee’s good standing with the programme, Enrollee agrees to authorize: (a) the collection, storage and use of Enrollee’s personal information by Mia Fratino and agrees to receive periodic communication from Mia Fratino.

  2. The Enrollee can unsubscribe from the Programme at any time.

  3. The Enrollee releases Mia Fratino from any liability for any errors in communication or possible stock unavailability at the time of redemption.