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Celebrate A More Sustainable Christmas

We've put together some practical tips to make your Christmas celebration more eco-friendly and meaningful.

Celebrating a more sustainable Christmas doesn't have to be complicated

Christmas is a season when we gather with family
and friends, exchange gifts and enjoy delicious food. The holiday season can also be a time of excess, leading to unnecessary waste. We've put together some tips around making conscious choices that benefit both the environment and the community this festive season.

Living Christmas Tree

While plastic Christmas trees are a popular choice, they eventually end up in landfills, contributing to environmental problems. Consider using a living Christmas tree, which is 100% biodegradable and can be easily recycled when the festive season has ended. After the holidays, you can plant it in your garden to continue enjoying it all year round.

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Reduce Food Waste

Christmas feasts often result in an abundance of food, leading to unnecessary waste. To minimise food waste, create a shopping list that includes only the essentials and plan as best you can for the amount of friends and family attending. Encourage your guests to take leftovers home, ensuring that nothing ends up in the bin. It's a win-win situation that reduces waste and provides delicious post Christmas meals.

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Sustainable Gifts

This Christmas aim for sustainable gifts such as charitable donations, experiences or presents made from recycled materials. Sustainable gifts not only reduce waste but also add a personal and thoughtful touch. One of our favourites is gifting all the ingredients for a delicious brownie in a up-cycled jar ~ a thoughtful, delicious and sustainable present.

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Minimise Plastic and Packaging

A way to make a big impact is to be more mindful of the amount of plastic packaging involved when purchasing gifts and shopping for food. Try to avoid single-use plastics like straws and bottled water and prioritise products with minimal or recyclable packaging. After the festivities make sure to recycle whatever materials you can to reduce waste.

PRO TIP: The simplest eco friendly gift wrapping is to opt for brown paper. Conventional wrapping paper is often unsuitable for recycling due to dyes, lamination or the presence of non-recyclable materials like glitter.

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Shop Locally

Support your local community by choosing to shop locally. Buying gifts and groceries from nearby businesses not only boosts the local economy and employment but also reduces the energy expenditure and emissions associated with long-distance transportation. Plus, it's a wonderful way to connect with your community and find unique, handcrafted gifts.

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