How to Spot Genuine Sustainability

Decoding Greenwashing

Let's talk about Greenwashing and how to spot it so you can make more informed sustainable choices when it comes to buying products.

The reality is not always what it seems

In an age where eco-consciousness is on the rise it's natural to be drawn to labels that feature words like 'eco', 'sustainable' and 'organic.' These terms seem to promise a cleaner, greener and safer choice. Unfortunately, some brands use these buzzwords to convince consumers of their eco-credentials, even when their products may be far from eco or green.

This practice is commonly referred to as 'greenwashing' ~ a deceptive marketing tactic that can mislead consumers into believing a brand is more environmentally responsible and ethical than it truly is.

Vague Statements

Greenwashing often relies on unclear language that lacks concrete meaning. Terms like "eco-friendly" or "natural" are not regulated, allowing brands to make claims without clear standards. Look for third-party certifications that provide legitimacy to these claims.

Ingredient Lists Tell the Real Story

The ingredient list is your best friend in the search to decipher greenwashing claims. Familiarise yourself with the components that genuinely align with sustainability and health. Steer clear of products that contain harmful or undisclosed ingredients.

What you see is not always what you get

Marketers are masters of using images and colours to evoke emotions. Green packaging, serene nature scenes and pictures of healthy, happy people can be powerful tools to mislead.This is an effort to take advantage of the increasing consumer interest in environmentally-friendly products. Always check if these images align with the brand's actual practices or are just surface level imagery.

Claims Without Actions

Pay attention to brands that make grand claims without providing evidence of real action. For example, if a product boasts being cruelty-free, look for proof of their stance against animal testing and their commitment to ethical practices. Many brands simply talk the talk and don't walk the walk.

Positive Impact

We hope these simple steps help you spot Greenwashing so you can make informed choices about the products you purchase and make sure they align with your values. By decoding the labels, looking deeper into the ingredients and checking for certifications will help protect you and your loved ones from potentially harmful products. You will also be supporting brands that genuinely strive for sustainability and health.

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