Our guide to

Building an Ethical Closet

‘I would love to buy from ethical brands, but I can’t afford it!’

We can all do our part

It’s no lie that cashmere can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t help reduce the negative social and environmental effects of the fashion industry.

We care where it comes from and where it ends up.

At MIA FRATINO, we passionately educate our customers to understand what their garments are made from is a major part of our company ethos. We don’t just pay lip service to the notion of ethical production, sustainable fibres and slow fashion. We live and breathe these values in every step of our design, production and making process. It is our promise to deliver honest, sustainably sourced and truly ethically made knitwear.

So, what does 'Ethical Closet' mean?

Building an ethical closet means ‘green-ifying’ your closet by simply replacing your clothes less often and reducing the number of times you go out and buy new items. Supporting ethical brands is only at the tip of the iceberg of a whole set of strategies you can use. Sustainable and ethical can be *buzz words* thrown around so often that it can start to feel inauthentic or meaningless ~ and in world of fashion, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

At Mia Fratino we strive to be a transparnet as possible. You can read about our certifications here.

A sustainable solution

It's super easy to pop into your favourite store and reach for the latest best-seller with no question as to what it's made from (we get it!) If it fits, looks great and doesn't cost an arm and a leg...then it's 9/10 a win! However, this is the type of consumer behaviour we are urging people to reconsider.

So what's the solution? Go oh-natural!

As environmentally sustainable fibres, the majority of natural fabrics are also biodegradable, breathable, durable, and a natural repellent to mould and dirt (what more can you ask for!)

Sustainability begins at the source

At MIA FRATINO, we use only 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

We do not use any synthetics blends.

We stand extremely firm on the ethical sourcing practices of our cashmere (and other natural fibres). We take our commitment to ethically and socially responsible knitwear seriously, with highest importance on environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability.

Our cashmere is sourced ethically from Inner Mongolia, where the worlds finest cashmere is produced. The cashmere fleece is taken from the underbelly, Winter coat of the Cashmere goat, collected during the warmer months when the fleece is naturally shed to keep the goat cool. Our cashmere fibres are tested for purity at an independent laboratory to check for 100% cashmere DNA, so you can have full confidence that our fibres are absolutely pure and ethically sourced.

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